Miss S // One Year Spring Portraits // Grapevine, TX

I love working with kids, and I get so excited when people book me for baby sessions, but the thing with babies is, you never know how they're going to react to a stranger with a camera! Little Miss S here was an absolute dream! 

So many sweet expressions, such scrumptious rolls, such gorgeous eyes! She giggled and posed the whole time and just let me do my thang! We had a blast! 

Can't get over how darling she is! And loving these Easter vibes!

Mommy and Me

I LOVE photographing mothers. I love capturing the tenderness and the confidence. Last week I had the great pleasure of spending some time with beautiful Esther and her precious Lizzie Love! (What a darling name!)

These beautiful ladies so inspired me! I hope to book many more Mommy and Me sessions in the future! These moments are so fleeting, let me capture and bottle them for you to keep forever!  

Driggers Newborn Studio Session

I was so excited about this sweet session, I love photographing newborns, and I was so excited to use my studio space for a "real" session! Christine was glowing, and baby was perfectly sleepy, all in all we had a beautiful, window-lit session full of kisses, giggles and a few tears (grandmas and toddlers usually produce a few ;))

I loved that Christine brought her mom, what a special time to capture!

Enjoy these darling images! 

Isn't this little one precious! Can't get enough of babies! 

Baby Charlie in Studio

What a precious little one! I've been honored to be her caretaker for a couple weeks already now, and I can't wait to watch her grow! We get along well.

10 minute studio minisession with her produced these adorable images! 

She melts my heart!