Personal : New locations and familiar faces

My husband, Daniel, shoots film cameras, and he's always asking to go scouting and shooting, I super-love going out with him and finding new places to photograph! Last week we took my kid sisters out and grabbed some portraits in places we've always wanted to shoot! 

This is my sister, Glory! Most people say she looks a lot like me. We explored the lake and the surrounding area in the freezing cold. 

This is my youngest sister, Comfort, she's insanely pretty.

And this is the man I'm crazy about. He's all hott and artistic and stuff. I'm his biggest fan! 

His Royal Highness Mr. Dog

Romeo isn't allowed on our bed at night, but he sure makes it a lifestyle when the sun is up! 

I compete for my husband's affection with this guy on a daily basis, he's a real homewrecker. But, he has better hair than me, so maybe I'm just jealous...