Bethany & Isaac // Anniversary // Fort Worth

Bethany and Isaac just over two years, they have a darling baby girl! They wanted to have some super romantic portraits done and I was ALL about it! 

They are such a beautiful couple, they have a strong love and bright energy for eachother, I loved spending this time with them!


Ammiversary portraits are something you will cherish forever! If you are interested in making some art with me, drop me a message! 

The Browns

What a special thing it is that my dearest and closest girl friends have married men who love The Lord and cherish them wholly! I can not express how grateful I am for the husbands of my warrior hearts! David is a perfect match for Eden, he brings out everything that is best in her, they make a great team. 

The Browns live in a tiny home filled with pictures and plants. 

The afternoon was dreary, overcast and wet, which honestly photographs beautifully, so we found a bridge to hide under and we captured some love! 

Then we found some trees to escape to. 

After our session we went back to the house and they made pizza! I think I should require that every client make me dinner after a session ;) 

I wanted to freeze time for these two. catch their love and energy and chemistry, and I think I did, and that makes me very, very happy!

Jordan and Kristina

I adore couples! I get so excited when I have the opportunity to shoot engagement or anniversary pictures!

A couple weeks ago I flew down to South Florida, where my in-laws live, to shoot my sweet sister-in-law and her fiance! I was excited to shoot these two because I knew there'd be plenty of laughter and genuine attraction to capture, and those are my favourite things :)

We had such a fun time! They've both certainly found a soulmate in each other, they are so alike in their humor and quirks, it's adorable. 

I love getting to interact with people in love, I love creating romantic moments for them, and reminding them why they chose their lover in the first place. I have the great privilege of strengthening and building up relationships from this other side of the lens, and I am honoured by this. 

They are such romantics. Jordan utterly adores Kristina, it is so obvious and apparent to anyone who spends any amount of time around them, and she has that glow of being so beloved. 

I am so excited for these two! Marriage is the greatest adventure, and love is the gift that keeps on giving, and giving, and giving...