Abby and Austin // Engagement // Botanical Gardens, Fort Worth, TX


Abby is the daughter of my Pastor and one of my little sister's best friends, I've admired and loved her for a very long time, watching her grow up and and become such a lovely woman has been such a joy! When Austin came into the picture I was skeptical, but I was utterly convinced they were perfect for eachother after only an afternoon together! They have such a solid energy, they take care of eachother, its evident, you can see the support and respect they feel towards one another, it is humbling. They love The Lord, He is such an foundational part of who they are and their relationship, They are focused and grounded beyond their young years, 

I was so thrilled that they approached me about photographing their May wedding! 

Enjoy these beautiful images from their Engagement Session at the lovely Botanical Gardens in Fort Worth!

Mercy Rae Photography is Offering Something New:

For months I've been holding my tiny baby's hand as he nurses and occasionally looks up at me with his Papa's big blue eyes, and all I want is pictures of that moment. I want pictures of that way he looks at me when he nursed, I want pictures of the smiles he cracks when I sing his favourite lullaby as I zip up his footie pajamas, I want pictures of the way his little hands entangle my hair as he rests his head on my shoulder when I rock him. There's something absolutely magic about bedtime with a small child, it's chaos and tenderness and sentimentality and anxiety all at once, and I want to remember all those feelings and the tiny things that make my bond with my baby special and unique.

I decided first of all, I had to have our own pictures taken (which we JUST had done and I am so excited) but I ALSO decided I wanted to start offering "Bedtime Sessions". These sessions will tell YOUR story from the dinner table to lights out! What is your crazy routine? Do you do it a little differently every night? Do you have one baby or 5 not-so-baby babies? Are there sometimes tears? That's OKAY! This is not the "smile at the camera" session, this is the "Jimmy, don't drink the bath water!" session! Let me come into your home and tell your goodnight story!

Sessions will be priced based on number of children and amount of time it takes to tuck them into bed. Everything about these sessions will be personalized, it only makes sense to do custom pricing, so drop me a Session Form in my Contact Me page and lets get some creative juices flowing! 

A sample routine might look something like this:

  • Finishing up dinner
  • Bath
  • Pajama time
  • Dance party and tickle time 
  • Reading bedtime books
  • Snuggles and kisses 
  • Prayers and lullabies
  • Lights out
  • Mommy and daddy do the dishes
  • Snuggle time on the couch

I am so in love with being a new mom and I am so excited to be able to offer this new session concept! Message me and let's talk details because I would love to tell your bedtime story!

Your  little ones grow SO fast, these days of giggles and dirty faces wont last forever, but pictures do.

Elena // Class of 2018 // Fort Worth, TX

I simply love photographing seniors! I love working one-on-one and playing off the energy of goofy and colorful teenagers! My silly side definitely comes out, I'm often glad I AM without an audience! 

Elena was so fun to hang out with! she was bright and energetic and full of giggles and movement! I loved that she was up for everything! We had a good time, take a look:

Jimenez Wedding // Five Oaks Farm, Cleburne, TX

What a beautiful venue, what gorgeous flowers, dresses and table settings, and what a special couple! This wedding was such a dream to photograph, every detail was clean and lovely and everyone I met was friendly and smiling!

Zack and Taylor have this solid, quiet love for eachother, so unique and special to them. 

Franklin Wedding // Weatherford, Tx

Peter and Kayla's wedding was full of loving family support and simple class. I don't know that I've ever been to a wedding full of so many HUGS! Peter has huge family and all of his siblings adore him and Kayla, I loved seeing so much support from both sides as they started their new life together! 

Taylor and Zack // Engagement //

THIS COUPLE! My goodness! Just look at the way they look at eachother! you can't pose that, it's gotta be real! 

I loved spending time with Zack and Taylor! They are so kind and genuine and are so good to eachother and people around them. I am so blessed to work with people like this! I can't wait for their wedding in November! 

Miss S // One Year Spring Portraits // Grapevine, TX

I love working with kids, and I get so excited when people book me for baby sessions, but the thing with babies is, you never know how they're going to react to a stranger with a camera! Little Miss S here was an absolute dream! 

So many sweet expressions, such scrumptious rolls, such gorgeous eyes! She giggled and posed the whole time and just let me do my thang! We had a blast! 

Can't get over how darling she is! And loving these Easter vibes!