If you look after goodness and truth, beauty will take care of itself.

— Eric Gill

Hullo, Friend!


My name is Mercy Rae Call, I am a new wife, a writer, a dancer, and of course, I shoot things! I was born and raised in Fort Worth, I'm obsessed with this city and her corners. I love telling stories, and meeting new friends, I absolutely adore people in love, and the smell of a newborn babies' heads. 

I believe every good thing is a gift. 

I believe living thankfully is the best way to truly live happily, so I take pictures to stay thankful for all the little gifts, and I want to share those with you! 


Let's get together! I would love to meet you, I would love to tell your story and share some thankfulness with you!




Mercy Rae Photography

Fort Worth/DFW TX

©2016 Mercy Call

 Above image by Payge Stevens Photography